Blazol Titanium Synth 4t (Api-sm) 900 ml


TITANIUM Synth 4T (API SM) is specially formulated with synthetic technology to provide outstanding, durable protection under severe high-torque, high-stress conditions. Under these conditions, motorcycle engines operate at extremely high temperatures, causing viscosity and thermal breakdown of motor oil. IT is engineered to provide maximum protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown. Titanium 4-T is the way to go for your 4-stroke motorcycle needs. It is specially Blended with PBM (Performance Booster molecules) technology which gives Technological Advantage for the highest level of Engine.

Color: Golden
Performance and standards: API SM • JASO MA2
Packaging detail: 900 ml,1 Ltr, 50 Ltr, 210 Ltr

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Recommended for new generation 4-stroke gasoline engines in high performance motorcycles of all leading global manufacturers like Hero Moto Corp, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Mahindra, Royal Enfield and all other makes.

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